Monday, December 31, 2007

Pittsburgh Construction Job Prospects for 2008 Near Best in USA

On a subject that we have written about numerous times over the past few months, an excellent article appeared over the past weekend by Joe Grata of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette summarizing many of the large commercial/industrial projects currently underway or slated for a 2008 start. The jobs provided by these projects, as well as the number of current workers slated for retirement over the next 5 years means for the first time in a decade, Pittsburgh may have to import workers from other areas of the country.

Add to this the two billion plus dollars in road construction to be spent in southwest Pennsylvania and the opportunity for those seeking jobs in this area will be unmatched anywhere around the United States.

We will watch with interest what affect this has on the overall job numbers in the Pittsburgh Metro. Although 2007 has been the best year for job seekers since 2001, actual job growth has been anemic compared to both Pennsylvania as a whole and the country.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pittsburgh Employment Picture Still Good For 1st Quarter 2008

According to the quarterly Manpower Survey on hiring manager’s recruitment expectations, Pittsburgh is about even with last year, with 23% of hiring managers expecting to increase staff levels, While 15% expect to decrease. One year ago the numbers were 23% and 13%.

However, this reflects a large decrease in hiring plans from the 4th quarter survey where 36% expected to increase staff.

How have the surveys actually reflected reality? This has varied quite a bit but generally has proven useful in predicting overall increases or decreases in activity.

We at The Employment Guide are seeing recruitment level in the hourly arena slightly slower than last year for forth quarter but still remaining historically strong.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What will Pittsburgh’s New Casino Mean to Job Seekers?

With the groundbreaking for Pittsburgh’s new Casino slated for next Tuesday December 11th there has been a lot of talk about how many jobs the Casino will bring to Pittsburgh.

Early estimates have hovered around 1,000 new jobs for what eventually will be a 5,000 slot facility. Also part of the Majestic Star Casino will be two or three restaurants and a nightclub.

Although these jobs will be one of the best things to hit Pittsburgh in years, the overall net effect needs to be seen. The Casino will attract many out of town visitors to our area and with them millions of dollars. However, these visitors will have a tendency to remain at the Casino and not travel to surrounding businesses and restaurants (see Atlantic City).

The Casino will also attract many local residents. With only so many “discretionary dollars” to go around, the local patrons will spend these dollars at the Casino instead of other area businesses and restaurants. What this will do to the levels of employment outside the Casino is open to debate. You can be sure that it will have a negative effect causing the net increase in jobs to be somewhat less than 1,000. How much less only time will tell.